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[Sat Bae]

Hello! I love buying Bitcoin and I hope you do too.

Sometimes I gift small amounts of satoshis to my followers. If you want some, then follow me!

Follow me on Twitter @jump_crypto.

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I sometimes make crypto YouTube tutorials.

Tools, Wallets, and Exchanges I use that you should use too.

Etoro Exchange – Get $50 FREE after you deposit $50

Wasabi Wallet – Make your coins private again with CoinJoin.

Binance Exchange – Use this link to earn 10% of all my trades.

Bisq – A Decentralized Exchange. Buy Bitcoin with your National Currency. No sign-up required.

How to earn little bits of crypto here and there…

Presearch – Earn PRE tokens for searching on Google and other search engines.

Brave Browser – Exactly like Google Chrome, but private. It also pays you in BAT tokens for viewing ads.

CoinBase – Get $10 of Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100.

CoinBase Earn – Get $10 of EOS when you sign up.

CoinBase Earn – Get $10 worth of Stellar Lumens when you sign up.

Gemini Exchange – Get $20 worth of Bitcoin when you fill out a small survey and sign up.

Airdrops I’m participating in!

MWC – (already passed)

HEX – Launching soon! If you hold Bitcoin, you can claim free tokens. If you don’t, you can transfer ETH and mint your own HEX!